A Partial Slee List of UKGCX

In the absence of time to do a proper blog, my (truncated to 45%) Slee list for UKGCX is as follows: 

1. I was pleased with my session about the structural tensions between “agile” and “public sector governance” which has been recorded pretty well here  with some practical suggestions. I was struck by the differences between local and central government in terms of proximity of governance and scale of projects that can be quietly hidden – I think this is more of an issue in LG than CG.

2. This is interesting (courtesy of @esko’s session) https://www.presencing.com/theoryu and from the discussion makes we want to get closer to what Cognitive Edge (Snowden et al) are doing with the Welsh Government.

3. As is reflected in a lot of social media currently and playing out in spades in the US currently, I am sensing more of a dilemma than before from civil servants who are implementing an uncomfortable agenda … and it’s not that it’s a matter of disagreeing with the agenda as such (for civil servants have to lump that) but a wider concern about where post-truth takes a service that is profoundly based on thoughtful, ideally evidenced, advice.

4. This is cool. Courtesy @lesteph https://www.projectdq.org

5. It’s nice to be a sponsor and have your name on the T-shirt

6.  At the risk of sounding a less sugary note, the notion of “all voices being equal” became discordant with the huge reaction to having not one but two permanent secretaries in the room!  (Twittergasms).  I think it’s really cool that Perm Secs were there, and look forward to the day when that’s unremarkable.  

7. This is timely: https://points.datasociety.net/why-america-is-self-segregating-d881a39273ab#.kkgv76ygy

8. Janet Hughes is a star! Great intro, very mindful of folk who were new.  

9. Neighbourhood plans as the quiet revolution going on in areas that are so small that no national attention comes to them, but shaping our areas for generations to come, and (perhaps as importantly) bringing passionate local people together with a purpose. See eg this http://neighbourhoodplanner.co.uk from @vickysargent

(Edited to include point 6 after flicking back through the Twitter stream!)

(There was obviously a point 6 there before, renumbering was involved.)  

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