Contact me on or 07957167284.

I tweet as @jonathanflowers.

Linkedin profile is here, but please email rather than using a Linkedin invitation to initiate  contact (I get a lot of spurious invitation requests, and only connect to people I know).

If you wish or need to communicate by getting some smooshed up trees dirty and sticky, and then causing people and machines to carry the result to me, you will need this postal address:

2 Cowper Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 5NG.

My GDPR Privacy Policy is as follows:

Project Work: In order to function in support of your organisation I will hold certain relevant data: contact details including email, telephone number, social media direct messaging details and addresses for you and for people in your organisation relevant to our work together; information for invoicing or other matters relating to our contractual arrangements; notes and documents which I make as part of our work which may mention individuals.  Archive: I will retain information after our project is complete in order to provide continuity should we subsequently work together again, or to provide ad-hoc follow-up help at your request (this would not apply to any documents specifically to be erased on completion  e.g. via an NDA)  Networking: I will retain contact information after our work in case I am able to offer individuals useful connections to other people who I know, or come to know.  In this instance I will not give contact details about an individual to anyone else without the individual’s consent.
 ltd is company number 10077377, registered in England and Wales.

Registered office is 5a Ver Road, St Albans, AL3 4QN